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Our Approach 

An essential character element of salsa is Cuban motion, fully part of our Syllabus.

You will learn a large variety of routines that you can apply on the dance floor.

We give a special attention to the Technic, giving you the opportunity to permanently increase your dancing level.

Salsa Styling

Part of Salsa Course, you will learn a wide range of Styling for both leader and followers.

Once you master the essentials of Salsa, 
Salsa styling will help change a technically good dancer into a sensual dancer. 

You will learn the body isolation, hips movements, Ladies will learn the Arm Styling, 
making your steps sexy and graceful.

Acro Salsa

We teach you as well some dips and lifts, from easy ones to more complicated and fancy ones.

We make sure you do all acros under supervision of an instructors who gives you all technical points to do a successful and safe acro, for both the leader and follower.


This Course would not be complete without the Rueda (or Rueda de Casino).

Pairs of dancers form a circle, with dance moves called out by one person (A "caller").
All pairs of dancers will execute the same moves. Most moves involve the swapping of partners.

The combination of elaborate dance combinations and constant movement of partners create a visually spectacular effect.


Salsa Beginners Course

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Salsa Improver Course


Salsa Intermediate A Course

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Salsa Intermediate B Course

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